The three latest Board meeting trends

Several new Board meeting trends have emerged in recent years against a backdrop of digital transformation, the threat of cyber attacks and hybrid ways of working with all three phenomena now considered essential tools for any organisation! In this article, we deep dive into the challenges and impacts of these three phenomena.

Cyberthreats: what trends can we expect for 2022?

Cybermenaces : quelles seront les tendances pour 2022

After a dismal 2021 performance as regards cyberthreats, 2022 now follows a similar trajectory with more regular attacks that are increasingly sophisticated, accurate and imaginative. This phenomenon was illustrated through the recent intrusion into Panasonic’s company servers[1], not forgetting the cyber attack on leading companies in France’s construction and public works industry[2]. Thanks to government […]

M&A: placing cybersecurity at the heart of due diligence

The acquisition of a company can provide a real boost to the development of another. As a result, the number of M&A continues to grow, with a record 62,193[1] in 2021 (45,000 in 2020). This impressive figure is sure to capture the attention of hackers against the backdrop of 2020 with a fourfold increase in […]

Digital sovereignty: a cornerstone issue at Oodrive

Digital sovereignty: a cornerstone issue at Oodrive

Current affairs is full of examples where governments are challenged to respond to virtual actions with real-life consequences. This is true of scenarios influencing freedom of expression on social networks during election time, as well as cyberattacks on large national corporations, bringing countries to a standstill. Against this backdrop, the French government organised a Digital […]

How do you guarantee the legal value of your electronic signature software?

Comment s’assurer de la légalité de son logiciel de signature électronique

Company-wide digitalisation and document dematerialisation solutions have triggered the development of the electronic signature in France. It’s a phenomenon that has become so commonplace that even public organisations now authorise citizens to electronically sign administrative documentation[1]. How do you ensure the legal value of your electronic signature software? Barring a few exceptions[2], all documentation can […]