In short : the history of meeting rooms

meeting room

The Meeting Room Definition: A place specially adapted to gatherings of work groups, offices, general meetings, boards, etc. In companies, the meeting room has long been reduced to these elements: chairs, tables and a whiteboard. Sometimes decried, because meetings have long been synonymous with a waste of time, they have largely evolved, and even been […]

The electronic signature : Keep your business running

Signature électronique : un indispensable

It was in the 1990’s that we first talked about signing electronically. The electronic signature enters the French law on March 13th, 2000 after the European directive of December 13th, 1999. Until now, handwritten and electronic signatures coexisted. However, the unprecedented context caused by the covid-19 health crisis forces us to rethink our ways of […]

The electronic signature : what benefits for your company ?

Signature électronique

In a context of digitalization of the customer journey in the BtoC and BtoB sphere, we note nevertheless a sector in which there is still much to do. The preferred validation process in companies is still the paper signature. When subscribing to a service or an agreement between two entities, despite the lack of confidentiality, […]

Digital transformation: put your employees at the heart of your project

Digital transformation is a concept that enterprises have now fully accepted: benefits, profitability, performance… But what about the personal benefits for employees in their daily work? Simply introducing IT tools within a company is not enough for a complete transformation.  Here are the 4 steps that will ensure your digital transformation is a success:  Analyze […]