In short : the history of the electronic signature

Definition : The electronic signature is a mechanism for guaranteeing the integrity of a digital document and authenticating its author, by analogy with the handwritten signature on a paper document. The signature has taken on its meaning since the need for document authentication, and its form has evolved. Initially seen as a simple sign of […]

Infographics – Digital acceleration of businesses

Digital transformation is a concept now well integrated by companies : profits, profitability, performance … They are aware of the advantages that the digital can bring to their activity. But what stage are they at ? What obstacles still lie ahead ? What does such a project consist of ? Read more : How backing […]

Turn a company into a collective – with digital tools

More and more companies are turning to collaborative working these days, especially in view of the rise of digital tools. And it’s not just a fad. It’s a way of helping businesses to perform better. Centralized data, smoother exchanges, higher productivity, increased mobility, and more secure working environments are some of the reasons why companies […]

Why don’t we get rid of paper ?

Digital technology is now a major part of our everyday life. Shopping on the web, transferring payments online, sending an accident report from a smartphone, the list goes on. Doing things electronically has become the status quo. And yet new innovations are still unveiled every day, virtual solutions which we now use without even thinking […]