Online backup : what are the advantages against cyber attacks ?

online backup

In this period of fragility due to the COVID-19 crisis, during which work patterns and organisation were brutally changed, cyber attacks multiplied. Organisations were clearly not ready to digitise their processes so quickly and to securely support the remote working of almost all their employees. Online backup was therefore not a priority issue and its […]

Why back up your company data online ?

The loss of data can be dramatic for a company. Online backup makes it possible to preserve a company’s data and to restore it quickly and easily. Online backup : essential for business Why should companies back up their data ? A company that suffers a setback, such as a computer attack, will have great […]

Six questions about online backup

Data is the oil of the 21st century. Without it, businesses just couldn’t function anymore. That’s why your organization needs to guarantee data security, and make sure that you can recover quickly and completely, in case the worst does happen. So what’s the solution? Online backup, supported by backup software, is absolutely vital to your […]

How backing up your sensitive data to the cloud can benefit your business

Saving data using traditional physical media kept on the company’s premises presents a host of limitations and risks which can now be overcome thanks to the cloud. But does this technological solution really make your data more secure? Why is it so important for a business to protect what is considered to be the ‘oil […]

Infographics – Online backup, don’t wait until it’s too late

A company’s data is essential for its proper functioning and critical for its activity. Online, automatic and externalised backups remain the only way to ensure an immediate and complete restoration of data and, in addition to security and total privacy, to ensure the rapid recovery of the activity in case of a crash.