Protecting your DR data in the Cloud: your guarantees with SecNumCloud 

homologation diffusion restreinte

There has been no crisis as far as Cloud migration is concerned. Such migration is not only being implemented across the board, in the most sensitive industries, but the share of data and applications in the Cloud is also growing. That said, the Cloud still provokes anxiety in people. As part of the seventh survey […]

Why back up your company data online ?

The loss of data can be dramatic for a company. Online backup makes it possible to preserve a company’s data and to restore it quickly and easily. Online backup : essential for business Why should companies back up their data ? A company that suffers a setback, such as a computer attack, will have great […]

Electronic signature : an update on its legal value

signature electronique

Saving time, simplifying exchanges, optimising the user experience, reducing costs… The advantages attributed to the implementation of electronic signatures are numerous and now well known. Although the health crisis has considerably increased the use of electronic signature tools, key criteria such as the security of content or the recognition of the service providers used have […]

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