Secure digital
asset management

Share and collaborate work with any partner, while protecting media assets for your brand.


Empower your teams

Keep all your media assets in one safe place and give teams and trusted partners control over their use. Clear and intuitive access settings ensure that only the right people get access to your digital content, delivered fast, so you can cut time to market, speed up approvals, and keep content up to date.

Manage assets from start to end

Streamline the full life cycle of your digital assets with automated custom workflows to accelerate every step, from safe storage, to security settings, transformation, approvals and publication. Oodrive Media automates content classification and even identifies expired rights, giving you the clear oversight you need to work fast.

Ensure compliance

Track and enforce compliance with rules over licensed content as well as
your own brand guidelines, with digital watermarks and full audit trails.
Enforce embargoes, avoid penalties for contractual infringements, and save on creative budgets. Oodrive analytics even vet user-generated content for sentiment and brand safety.

Fast setup
and adoption

Create and deploy a solution that is fully tailored to your needs with Oodrive implementation services. From migration to workflows, UX customisation, training and support – we’ve got you covered.

Protect your brand

Like all Oodrive products, Oodrive Media is secure by design.
Everything in your digital asset management system is stored safely on sovereign European infrastructure in the jurisdiction of your choice.


What is a digital asset?

Learn about secure digital asset management, protecting media assets, and more with our FAQs.

The term refers to any digital content created and/or stored by a company in connection with its business activity. A media resource is identified by metadata that describes its content and usage rights. It can be textual, visual or audio content.

A Digital Asset Management tool helps optimise management of a company’s digital assets. This content is grouped in photo libraries and digital media libraries. Features include indexing, annotating, classifying, storing and searching for assets.

A digital asset management tool allows you to centralise assets, get a clear view of them, handle a large number of them, manage rights of use, boost productivity, reduce costs and enhance content to promote your brand identity.

Oodrive Media supports all file types in several hundred formats. This enables you to store all your resources in a secure, centralised interface and take full advantage of these resources to communicate with your customers and partners.

The solution simplifies the search for digital resources through metadata, collections and attributes etc. In addition, a system for tracking the different iterations of the same file makes it easy to find the desired version.

Oodrive Media controls the life cycle of digital assets. It simplifies searching for, modifying, using and circulating them.

Defining and applying specific roles for different users will enable you to keep control and to check that resources are being used correctly. Adding copyright and right of use to each file guarantees the legality of their utilisation.

Oodrive Media is aimed primarily at companies handling a large number of digital assets and/or sensitive resources: companies with more than 500 employees, including operators of vital infrastructure and essential services.

Within a company, the use of Oodrive Media directly or indirectly concerns all areas of the business that are involved with the use and distribution of digital assets: marketing, IT, communication, legal, intellectual property, research & development, sales, production, etc.

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