DSA and DMA : new European Commission regulations

Drapeau européen

The European Commission has presented these two regulations with the common objective of regulating the European digital space. The old continent wishes, and this is not new, to place legal limits on the digital world and thus circumscribe the responsibility of the major players in the sector. These texts, presented on December 15, 2020 by […]

Digital Sovereignty and Economic Growth

souveraineté numérique croissance économique europe

The COVID-19 crisis has refocused the issues of sovereignty; economic, health and digital. However, the economy can no longer be considered without digital technology. How can we combine the security and economic interests of the European Union while taking part in those of globalization ? This question is the starting point of the reflection presented […]

EU proposes new measures to protect against cyberattacks

The European Union is seeking to help Member States prevent and respond to cyberattacks more effectively. Its new package of sweeping cybersecurity measures is designed to equip Europe with the tools it needs. The Commission announced that it was working on a label for businesses and reforming ENISA, the current European Union Agency for Network and […]