Electronic signature: the path to standardization

Perspectives – Electronic signature

The electronic signature is still facing huge hurdles in businesses, with public authorities lacking a firmly established digital identity. We invited Jean-Pierre Quémard – Chair of the Digital Trust Alliance in France – and Frédéric Fouyet – Innovation Director at Oodrive – to discuss why this is happening.

How well developed are businesses when it comes to electronic signature ? What are the best ways to increase uptake of the electronic signature ? How doeas eIDAS respond to businesses needs in terms of digital trust ?

About ACN

The digital trust industry brings together service companies, solutions and technologies that limit risk and increase trust. The Alliance for Digital Trust aims to unite the main French and European players in digital trust and contribute to the consolidation of the security sector in France.

About Oodrive

CertEurope, an Oodrive group company, is a trusted service provider that ensures the confidentiality and traceability of digital communications. Created in December 2000, CertEurope joined the Oodrive Group in May 2012. CertEurope’s numerous labels and accreditations attest to its strict compliance with technical requirements drawn up by the French Network and Information Security Agency (ANSSI). CertEurope provides RGS*** certification and qualified trusted services complying with eIDAS Regulations on ETSI standards EN 319 411-1 and 2.

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