The benefits of the electronic signature

Although the digital transformation was already well underway for many companies, it was not until the covid 19 pandemic that the electronic signature market took a real leap forward. Let’s find out together what the (many) benefits of the electronic signature are.

A few figures on the electronic signature

Here is our infographic showing the electronic signature market. If the pandemic has enabled many companies to equip themselves with electronic signature software to maintain their activity, it is now more a question of the security of the chosen solutions.

What are the benefits of electronic signatures ?

As we have written above, due to the covid-19 health crisis, companies have equipped themselves with electronic signature solutions. But in the rush, some essential points were not sufficiently taken into account. Indeed, in view of the sensitivity of the content that passes through these various tools, the security aspect, which provides protection and legal value to the signed documents, must be one of the main selection criteria.

Benefit n°1 : Security

Thanks to a system of encryption keys and comprehensive identification processes, the digital signature guarantees both the authenticity of the signature and the integrity of the document. It is therefore impossible to falsify the electronic signature and/or to modify the associated document.

Benefit of the electronic signature n°2 : Boosts efficiency

The time saving generated by the implementation of an electronic signature solution is significant ! In addition to offering clear tracking to optimise the follow-up of transactions, the digital signature makes it possible to reduce the transmission processes, both internally and externally. Forget about printing, scanning, delivery services and repeated trips to collect signatures. And forget about physical archiving ! Thanks to a secure, high-performance electronic signature tool, you can easily find your evidence file within an intuitive and protected platform.

N°3 : legal compliance

The legal value of the electronic signature no longer needs to be proven. This is recognised in particular through the European eIDAS regulation. This regulation establishes a European framework for electronic identification and trust services in order to offer companies the possibility of signing their documents electronically in complete legality and security. Moreover, as the electronic signature provides the authenticity of the document and the identity of the signatory, it is more difficult to invalidate in court than its handwritten counterpart. By choosing a solution that complies with the regulations in force, you can be sure that you will meet your legal obligations and therefore be protected to the maximum.

N°4 : Economic benefits

Among the (many) advantages of a digital signature’s software, the reduction of printing, shipping and processing costs is at the forefront. By using digital signature software, employee productivity increases due to the reduction in application processing time. This allows employees to focus on more value-added tasks. At the same time, administrative costs are reduced considerably. Less paper consumption, no more postage, no more ink for printing etc.

Last but not least, benefit of the electronic signature n°5: environmental

Using an electronic signature solution also has a very positive impact on the environment and sustainable development in general. Remote signing drastically reduces travel. Indeed, the signature can be done remotely, at any time and anywhere. In addition to putting an end to the travel involved in signing documents, the electronic signature also considerably reduces the use of paper. There is no need to print, photocopy or physically archive your documents. Your contracts, mandates, leases, letters or any other documents are digitised and secured within a protected interface.

The advantages of implementing an electronic signature solution in your company are well proven. Process and content security, time savings, cost reductions, increased productivity and environmental benefits are all part of the daily life of organisations that have dematerialised their signature processes and taken another step forward in their digital transformation.

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