What is the DAM used for ?

Today, companies handle a dizzying array of digital assets. As a result, the Digital Asset Management market is booming and is now worth more than 2.44 billion dollars worldwide. And in France, it represents no less than 50 million euros. These figures are expected to triple by 2022…! The need to use a DAM (digital asset management) solution is therefore imperative for many organisations.

The security challenges of enterprise digital asset management

If we are well informed about the exponential number of digital assets managed by companies, what do we really mean by digital assets ? Or digital asset/resource? These terms encompass all the resources that many teams rely on internally ; marketing, communications, R&D, sales etc. In concrete terms, this can include creative documents such as logos, images, videos or photos, as well as more technical documents that can be used by financial or legal departments, for example. And this in different types of formats: PDF, JPG, PNG, Gifs, mp4…

What is the purpose of a digital asset management tool ?

A digital asset management solution allows you to centralise and manage digital assets. As they grow, bringing them together in a single interface greatly simplifies their management. And by management, we mean the administration of your corporate digital assets by covering their entire life cycle. From the creation of each of these resources to their distribution to the right people, and including the management of different needs such as storage, transformation, search etc.

By taking control of all the stages in the life cycle of your digital assets, teams can not only increase their productivity by focusing on higher value-added tasks, but also protect these assets. Indeed, the use of digital asset management software limits IT risks such as cyber-attacks or the use of fraudulent or obsolete assets, which can have reputational as well as financial consequences.

Why is oodrive_media the right digital asset management solution for you ?

Oodrive_media is a trusted tool that secures your digital assets thanks to a number of qualifications and certifications. And unlike other market players, Oodrive relies on a detailed knowledge of regulations and compliance acquired over more than 20 years to offer its clients an intuitive, secure solution with local support.

In addition to centralising your brand elements and securing sensitive media, our DAM (digital asset management) solution allows you to customise the tool to your image. Decline your visual identity both on the interface and in the notification emails sent to your users. You can also create and implement your own editorial line with customised cover pages thanks to elegant widgets and slideshows, which can also be used to distinguish your user path. And finally, create your own tree structure to structure and optimise the classification of your resources.

Due to the volume and diversity of corporate digital assets, the use of a Digital Asset Management solution is becoming increasingly imperative, and its benefits are becoming quite obvious. But beyond the centralization of these assets, the time and money saving that these tools provide, it is necessary to place the security criterion at the top of the list. Centralising your resources and optimising their management is good, but protecting them from IT risks (which have only increased tenfold in recent times) is better. To get an idea of the quality of service providers, qualifications exist, such as SecNumCloud to name but one, but also by means of a sovereign solution expert in the field.

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