DAM platform: what security precautions should you be taking?

As soon as a company starts collecting, storing, and distributing media resources, the issue of security arises. Your (DAM) platform must ensure that the media you index are secure to prevent loss or deterioration.

DAM platform: a mark of security

Piracy, data going missing, media being destroyed. These issues are all too familiar when managing your digital assets manually. But with a DAM platform, these problems are a thing of the past. A DAM platform is designed to ensure maximum security. This kind of tool allows you to establish a hierarchy of access rights, according to user role, while protecting your media thanks to a digital watermark and secure storage space. No need to worry about your resources being misused or deleted by accident.

Where should you host your data and how?

You can opt to host your data on-premises on your company’s servers, or entrust this to your service provider and have your data stored on their servers. In that case, there are three points to bear in mind:

  • Your service provider’s data centers must be protected by a very high level of security. Don’t be afraid to investigate the level of security of their infrastructure: storage clusters, firewalls, monitoring tools, backup servers, compliance with European standards, etc.
  • Make sure your data is hosted in Europe, so you know where your media are stored and you can even visit the data center in person.
  • You can also tailor the level of infrastructure security to your company’s needs and policies.

Managing access and usage rights

For total security, you need to make sure your are used correctly. Your media are protected by copyrights and usage rights that you must respect and ensure users respect too.

If the way you use a resource is disputed, this could get you into legal difficulties and negatively impact your brand image. A DAM platform dam offers two levels of protection:

  • Rules for using each asset: through its metadata, with the aim of preventing the copyright or usage rights from being violated.
  • User rights management: not all users are authorized to access or modify all resources.

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