Digital transformation: put your employees at the heart of your project

Digital transformation is a concept that enterprises have now fully accepted: benefits, profitability, performance… But what about the personal benefits for employees in their daily work? Simply introducing IT tools within a company is not enough for a complete transformation.

 Here are the 4 steps that will ensure your digital transformation is a success:

 Analyze your strengths and weaknesses

What is your company currently doing in terms of digital solutions? With what tools? How can this project increase your profitability? Before starting any transformation project in your company, take time to think. An audit of your digital maturity is an essential first step. Mapping your existing system means that you can implement the dematerialization solutions that meet your employees’ needs. At this point, you will have a clear view of your enterprise’s strengths and weaknesses in the digital sphere.

 Secure the support of all your employees

Ideas that instinctively seem good for the company may not be good for employees. For your transformation to be a success, the involvement and support of the whole company is essential. “Communication” is the key word at this point. It allows each person involved to express any fears or doubts: “How do you see tomorrow’s enterprise?” “With what tools?” “For what uses?” It can be useful for an enterprise that wants to involve all its teams in a common project to organize meetings to raise awareness of the digital transformation, provide information on the project and its objectives (saving time, efficiency, productivity, etc.) and put in place collaborative spaces. At this point, it is important to explain in details what is going to be implemented internally, as well as how, why and when it is being implemented.

Detect digital talents

The enterprise has to change – because the world has changed. The organizational change this has triggered requires new skills. But these skills probably already exist in your enterprise – you just don’t know it. These digital talents should be the ambassadors of your digital transformation project. You just have to detect them!

 Train your teams

Electronic management of HR processes (digitalization of pay stubs, for example), implementation of an internal social network, virtual workspaces… The digital transformation means enterprises are using new tools and processes. These require training for learning new skills. A study by TNS Sofres shows that to support this transformation process, 62% of HR departments state that they offer training to employees. If this training is only offered to managers, employees should not be abandoned. Training on how to use the tools, support and assistance will be key to implementing a project of this type.


Now, it’s all up to you…

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