How can the cloud help your employees to stay productive on the go?

Mobile devices are all around us. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops play a huge part in our work, as much as they do in our personal life. With these devices right at the heart of digital transformation, employees want to be able to access their data, whenever and wherever they are. This means mobility is now a major challenge for companies. There is one obvious solution that can respond to these needs – the cloud.

If companies want to get the maximum benefit out of mobility, there is something that needs to be addressed. With the rising popularity of mobile devices among employees comes a security issue, exacerbated by the phenomenon of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). And the number of mobile workers is set to rise over the coming years.

According to the French digital survey 2016, mobile internet usage in France has skyrocketed, where two thirds of people have a smartphone, which explains the massive growth. Businesses need to acknowledge the explosion of these new tools – whether used for communications in the working environment or as part of the customer experience.

Meeting the needs of mobile workers

According to a 2016 study by the French Institute of Public Opinion, 44% of managers make a business trip at least once a month. And 22% work away from the office at least once a week. Another study, by IDC, predicts that 72% of American workers will be working away from the office by 2020.

Mobile workers want to access the data on their workstation at the office, but on their mobile device too. Being freed from the restraints of a fixed location offers real benefits – better responsiveness, greater flexibility, and increased productivity, to name a few.

Another study revealed that mobile work is backed by 76% of employees and their managers. And that trend is mostly thanks to the cloud, which allows you to synchronize and share files across different devices. With synchronization, employees can access the latest version of their corporate files on a device of their choice, wherever they are. Make decisions, meet customers’ needs, and get on with the projects – whatever the surroundings.

A solution for the Professional 2.0

Giving employees the opportunity to access often sensitive or confidential corporate data in any place and at any time calls the issue of security into question. Especially these days given the ever increasing threat of cyber attacks. Everyone needs to be aware of the risks, such as the potential theft or loss of data, not to mention viruses. Equally, everyone needs to have the right hardware and software available to work beyond the boundaries of the office conveniently and with complete confidence.

With the PostFiles solution by Oodrive, you can synchronize files across multiple fixed and mobile devices so you can consult, share, and modify them – without any time, location, or network access restrictions. The tool allows any employee to access their documents from their tablet, smartphone, or computer. And document updates are automatically synced across all devices. The solution guarantees confidentiality of the corporate files that you sync and share, thanks to the high level of security provided.

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