How do you choose a file sharing solution that is right for your business ?

Making the right decision to avoid taking any chance

Companies these days are torn between their desire to find new sharing solutions that facilitate communications and increase productivity, and their growing fears about security.

According to the Achieving Security in Workplace File Sharing study carried out by the Ponemon Institute, nearly 50% of companies think public file sharing services are not suitable for professional use. 66% believe sharing files is a risk to their business.

So, companies need to think very carefully about the tools they work with and make sure their solutions meet their security requirements. But there are file sharing solutions available which offer a very stringent level of security coupled with a very high level of efficiency.

The 5 pillars of a file sharing solution suited to the challenges of corporate security

Secure mobile access

A sharing solution needs to offer strict confidentiality with regard to the files and customer data stored on its servers. This can be ensured by authentication.


A solution has to offer authentication, as well as a username and password. Certificate-based or two-factor authentication can ensure that only the right person is granted access.


Users are unable to deny the operations they carry out and no third parties can claim their actions were performed by another user.
The solution must come with features that can track all the documents shared. In just a few clicks, you can find out who logged on, what documents they viewed,  and what actions they performed.


Data needs to be exactly how you expect to find it and not modified – whether accidentally, unlawfully, or maliciously.


Protecting data is absolutely essential. But you still need to be able to access your data at any time. If your cloud service is down, that can cause untold problems for your business and have disastrous consequences on its operations. The best file sharing solutions guarantee a data availability rate of almost 100%.

The system needs to function flawlessly during the periods you intend to use it. It needs to guarantee access to the services and resources installed, within the response time you expect.

The availability rate is expressed in time (in days, hours, minutes, or seconds) that the system can be accessed in a year.

Some data is particularly sensitive or confidential, such as information discussed in board meetings.

So that managers can exchange information with freedom and ease, and staff can work efficiently – all while ensuring a high level of confidentiality – certain professional file sharing solutions come with an array of features and offer a range of guarantees on security.

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