Online file sharing : how do you boost performance while protecting sensitive data ?

An online file sharing solution brings real benefits to a business. Yet, it needs to offer a level of security high enough to give you peace of mind while you work, so you don’t have to worry about how your data is handled. You need a high rate of availability , integrity and confidentiality for your data at every turn.

Standard file sharing solutions designed for personal use which are being rolled out in companies are poorly suited to professional usage and the level of security required. Solutions designed specifically for professionals offer a wide variety of features designed to make corporate communications, data and systems secure.

How do you guarantee access to your data is secure ?

To ensure the confidentiality of the files you share, transfers must be encrypted, just like any data that is hosted in partner data centers. What’s more, connections to the platform are secured by encrypted passwords, an OTP or a certificate.

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing your new tool :

  • Data encryption

Encryption protects confidential files against access. Even if someone can access the server, they shouldn’t be able to access the files. Encrypting media alone isn’t enough anymore. Data also needs to be protected at all times, wherever it is stored. An efficient encryption solution must therefore be global, securing both the « contentsé and the « containers ».

  • Double authentication (OTP and certificates)

Strong authentication refers to an identification procedure embedded in multiple pieces of software. This IT security tool strenghthens the security of access to files stored on the platform. The medthod is especially recommended to guarantee the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Standard authentication is based on a single authentication factor, typically a username and password. But for high protection of confidential information, it is preferable to opt for strong authentication – a process that requires two authentication factors to be passed. This double-lock system is more difficult to bypass. In some cases, authentication can also be carried out with a login and an electronic certificate.

  • Password policy management tools

Authentication with logins and passwords are managed using a single control panel. Decide how complex you want the credentials to be, in line with your company’s security policy.

  • Detect unauthorized access attempts, block access, and send an email containing an unlock code.

  • Restrict access to the application by IP address filtering (inclusion or exclusion).

What security features should you expect from your online file sharing solution ?

Two-thirds of companies think sharing files is a risk to their business, according to a survey by the Ponemon Institute. Managers are still reluctant to share files online, convinced that their data isn’t well protected. Yet, there are platforms that offer a host of features that provide maximum protection for your data.

To discover what security features you should expect, download or free ebook about file sharing and security


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