Working on the go – without compromising on data security

The way we work is changing. Employees today expect more than they did 20 or 30 years ago. This is largely down to the digital revolution, which has completely transformed the business world. Working from home or on the move, hotdesking, making processes digital… our habits are changing, and businesses need to keep up. But that doesn’t mean we should let down our guard when it comes to data security.

Working environments have been redesigned. So too have the way employees work together. More and more people are working on the move, and studies suggest there could be 1 billion mobile workers by 2035. The days of everyone spending 8 hours at the same desk every day seem to be behind us. And this is all thanks to digital tools which companies are leveraging to help their staff work more flexibly and on the go, something which is vital for employees today.

More and more people working on the move

It is now possible to manage a company or a project from start to finish with teams spread out across the world, even if they’re not in the office. Thanks to improved internet connectivity and mobile technology, employees can work from their very own home or a co-working space, in exactly the same way as if they were in an office. Working from home is in high demand. Two-thirds of French workers say they would take a job that offered the chance to work from home over one that didn’t.

According to a study carried out by Hiscox, 93% of young workers don’t want to work in a traditional office environment. What’s more, 60% of workers will be working from home regularly by 2022. But businesses need to provide the tools required to allow their teams to do this.

Don’t make security an after-thought

Mobile working need not and should not put the company’s cybersecurity at risk. In 2017, cyberattacks cost the world economy more than $600 billion. IT security is one of the four major global concerns of CEOs today. When working on the go, employees need to be on their guard as much as they would be in the office when it comes to data integrity and security.

And the best way to protect your business data is with an online backup solution. A tool like this needs to allow employees working away or on the move to back up their data remotely, without any adverse effect on their work.

Working on the move doesn’t have to make collaborating with colleagues, customers, and partners difficult. For companies, making data available in real time completely changes the game in terms of security, controlled access, and synchronization.

Getting the right tools

An online collaboration solution enables you to synchronize documents in real time across several devices. Projects can now track the movements of every project partner. Anyone with authorized access can add, delete, or change files – wherever, whenever. A tool like this allows you to collaborate efficiently and in real time with colleagues on the move, staff in other branches, customers, suppliers, and partners. Files can be distributed with ease, whatever the amount, size, or format. And all in full security! Data accessed, stored, shared, and modified is protected and controlled by a host of security options and settings.

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