What is the DAM used for ?

digital asset management

Today, companies handle a dizzying array of digital assets. As a result, the Digital Asset Management market is booming and is now worth more than 2.44 billion dollars worldwide. And in France, it represents no less than 50 million euros. These figures are expected to triple by 2022…! The need to use a DAM (digital […]

What is the Digital Asset Management ?

Digital asset management

As companies’ digital transformation accelerates, the management of their digital assets takes on a whole new dimension. The DAM market is now worth $2.44 billions and is expected to triple by 2022. In France, Digital Asset Management is worth almost 50 million euros. These figures clearly illustrate the growing need for companies to provide a […]

Digital Asset Management: a booming market

Digital Asset Management: Infographic Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a system that allows a company or organization to store, arrange, enrich, and share its digital resources. It is based on an intuitive and collaborative platform, incorporating a photo gallery, video library, media library, brand center, and more. Managing digital resources has now become a major […]

10 major benefits of a Digital Asset Management solution

Infographics – Digital Asset Management Keep all your data in one place. Define access rights and copyrights. Find the right file at the right time, etc. Find out what are the major benefits of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. A DAM solution is your single go-to library for your digital assets: photos, videos, branding, […]

7 signs that prove you need a Digital Asset Management tool!

When it comes to marketing and communications, some signs just can’t be ignored. Image research taking too long? Digital files scattered across your various storage spaces? Media not being used correctly? Resources duplicated or even deteriorated? These are more than enough reasons to suggest things are getting out of hand. But before anything like that […]

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