How do you guarantee the legal value of your electronic signature software?

Comment s’assurer de la légalité de son logiciel de signature électronique

Company-wide digitalisation and document dematerialisation solutions have triggered the development of the electronic signature in France. It’s a phenomenon that has become so commonplace that even public organisations now authorise citizens to electronically sign administrative documentation[1]. How do you ensure the legal value of your electronic signature software? Barring a few exceptions[2], all documentation can […]

What are the benefits of the digital signature for legal departments?

What are the benefits of the digital signature for legal departments?

The processes of regulated legal professions have undergone sweeping changes following the widespread use of the electronic signature. Welcome to “Legal 4.0”! However, the electronic signature provides a unique opportunity for acceleration and smooth running. Oodrive explains all in this article. What are the benefits of the electronic signature for legal departments? There are multiple […]

What is the role of the electronic signature in the insurance sector?

The insurance sector is something of a special case in that it must offer its clients all the necessary guarantees in terms of security. But is that really possible in the digital age? Insurance contracts contain a lot of essential personal details and information. Given their nature, can they be validated with a digital signature? […]

Deploying the electronic signature in human resources: a must-have tool?

signature electronique ressources humaines

The health crisis has encouraged companies to accelerate their digitalisation, particularly by deploying the electronic signature. So, how does this apply to human resources? Discover our overview of the benefits of the electronic signature for Human Resources Departments. The health crisis and its impact on companies, with wide-scale teleworking, remote meetings and reduced business trips, […]

How to make an electronic signature ?

make electronic signature

With the health crisis, companies have been forced to start or continue their digital transformation. The implementation of an electronic signature solution is now part of the fundamentals of any dematerialisation process. However, in the organisational haste generated by the covid-19 effect, managers often overlooked the essential points of arbitration when choosing the solution. What […]

Is the scanned signature legally valid ?

scanned signature

The process of digitalisation has become an essential part of employees’ lives. For actions that are as common as they are essential, such as signing a contract, for example, electronic signatures provide a significant productivity gain. However, although this process of dematerialising signatures is well known to companies, particularly because of the covid-19 health crisis, […]