Digital sovereignty: a cornerstone issue at Oodrive

Digital sovereignty: a cornerstone issue at Oodrive

Current affairs is full of examples where governments are challenged to respond to virtual actions with real-life consequences. This is true of scenarios influencing freedom of expression on social networks during election time, as well as cyberattacks on large national corporations, bringing countries to a standstill. Against this backdrop, the French government organised a Digital […]

Protecting health data

Données de santé

Our smartphones, connected objects and all digital terminals collect information in huge quantities. This is what is known as big data. This content is analysed and interpreted by algorithms whose power is growing at an impressive rate. And health data has a precious value, particularly for research, anticipation of crises and emergencies, but also at […]

Top 10 : different types of cyber attacks


First of all, let’s define what a cyber attack is : it is an offensive action aimed at infrastructures, devices or computer networks, with the aim of stealing, modifying or destroying data or computer systems. Several entities such as the ANSSI are in charge of reinforcing the cybersecurity of administrations and companies. Here are the […]

The electronic signature : what benefits for your company ?

Signature électronique

In a context of digitalization of the customer journey in the BtoC and BtoB sphere, we note nevertheless a sector in which there is still much to do. The preferred validation process in companies is still the paper signature. When subscribing to a service or an agreement between two entities, despite the lack of confidentiality, […]

From PSD1 to PSD2: improving the security of your transactions

On September 14, 2019, the new security standards established by the PSD2, the second Payment Services Directive, will come into force. This will replace the PSD1, which has itself been in force for ten years. Version two will encourage us to change our habits and improve security for consumers, banks, and service providers alike. First […]

What hosting guarantees should you expect from your file sharing solution?

When thinking about the security of your data, you need to think about how it is hosted. Where will your data be stored? What kind of environment will it be? What regulations govern it? To guarantee the highest security possible for your data, your data center must have strict security procedures in place. ISO 27001 […]