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We use Oodrive Meet for all our board meetings, so that everybody – including independent members – has the same fast and secure access to the confidential documents they need to see.
Jelle Jacquet, 
Deputy Chief People Officer, Orange Belgium

Orange Belgium helps more than 3 million people connect and communicate with innovative telecoms services from mobile and fixed-line telephony, to TV provision and broadband internet. A market leader in Belgium and Luxembourg, Orange Belgium is a subsidiary of Orange Group, the international telecoms brand with more than 250 million customers worldwide.

For Jelle Jacquet, Deputy Chief People Officer at Orange Belgium, helping people communicate is as vital for company teams as it is for customers. “When I started in this position, we did a mini-audit of opportunities to gain efficiency,” says Jacquet. “Digitising support for board meetings was a no-brainer. Board members would often attend remotely, due to Covid, and delivering physical document bundles could be complicated. We saw an eco-friendly way to make things clean and easy from their perspective; without version management, compromised confidentiality, or delays.”

With Oodrive Meet, Jacquet and her team distribute highly confidential pre-meeting material and minutes to board members in an instant, saving time for participants and staff, reducing stress, and cutting down on waste.

A simple, stress-free solution

Distributing documents ahead of board meetings is essential for corporate governance, but managing confidential hard copies has long been a challenge. For the Orange Belgium remuneration committee, documents were sent in an email attachment days ahead of board meetings, and a 30-page paper bundle of the same material was distributed on the day itself. But sending digital copies to external servers created potential security issues and did not give Orange Belgium the ability to track usage. In addition, presenting two copies of the documents could lead to confusion and frustration if changes were made to files before printing.

“The executive assistant found it stressful to print and send these bundles,” says Jacquet. “These documents are highly confidential; they cannot linger on a printer or sit on a desk. If the paper jams in the printer, who can you call to get it out?”

Oodrive Meet delivers a single version of documents to board members at the click of a button, with confidentiality assured by ultra-secure infrastructure and forensic usage tracking. “If there is a change in the documentation after we send it out, we can send everyone the edit in a very clean, clear way,” says Jacquet. “It’s easy to manage, so that everybody has access to the latest version.” Instead of printing hundreds of sheets of paper for every meeting, Orange Belgium presents the documentation in one, easy-to-access online location, so that board members have everything at hand and searchable, the moment they need it.

“My favourite thing about Oodrive Meet is the feedback from my assistant,” says Jacquet. “She is over the moon not to have to go through the stress of printing confidential documents. She wins back half a day of work, not to mention peace of mind.”

It’s all about trust. It’s that trust that helps us act as one.
Jelle Jacquet, 
Deputy Chief People Officer, Orange Belgium

Confidence and trust

Any tool is only effective if it is used, and over-complicated new solutions often meet resistance. To onboard, Jacquet and her assistant received a 30-minute briefing from a colleague, explaining how to add users, attach and manage documents in the platform, send out meeting requests and make an agenda. “The preview option was very reassuring,” says Jacquet. “Before sending something out, you can see exactly how it will look when it arrives. When you send confidential material to board members, you want to do your quality checks up front.”

By applying Orange Belgium branding, Oodrive Meet feels like a natural fit in the company ecosystem. “Making it look like a tailored environment helps build trust,” says Jacquet. “And the user experience is excellent; the platform is self-explanatory, uncluttered and clean. It gives users confidence.”

Easy collaboration on confidential documents

Board members immediately embraced the change. “The documents were clear and went out in a timely way, and participants were well-prepared for the meeting,” says Jacquet. “There were no issues, and in the meeting itself, board members mentioned that it was the right thing to have moved to Oodrive Meet.”

Now the team is exploring collaboration features to prepare documentation at speed. With Oodrive Meet, teams can edit agendas, co-create documents, and see in one location what has been done, what has been shared, and what to do next – everything they need to work fast in a secure environment.

“It’s all about trust,” says Jacquet. “Our board members have to trust the tools enough to use them, I have to trust that they are secure, and the assistants need to trust them to work effectively. It’s that trust that helps us act as one.”

Easy version management

Avoids conflict and confusion with instant edits, simple document management, and direct notifications to users.

Cuts paper waste

Eliminates the need to print and shred hundreds of pages of paper, and the security risk of hard copies.

Saves working time

Prepares confidential documentation at speed with collaborative tools and instant delivery.

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