How to choose a DAM software ?

To take advantage of DAM software, you need to choose the right one ! What criteria should you take into account ? For organisations that manage a large number of digital assets, a Digital Asset Management solution is a valuable asset. It allows you to centralise, classify, index, annotate, process, edit, search and distribute assets (photos, images, videos, audio files, etc.), while ensuring that they are used in a way that is consistent with brand image and copyright or usage rights. The question is how to choose the “right” DAM software – the one that fits your needs and those of your employees. What criteria, features and benefits of a DAM solution should you keep in mind when comparing offers ?

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is an organisational method for managing the digital content that forms the basis of a company’s brand image. This management involves the use of a dedicated tool, a Digital Asset Management solution designed to store, centralise and share resources.

Computer security : our qualifications and certifications

At oodrive, we havea conviction : although security is a common concern as well as a fundamental right, it cannot be everyone’s business. Indeed, the diversity of profiles and talents, which contribute to the richness of organizations, cannot be an obstacle to the benefits of using secure ecosystems in companies.

Corporate content security

Content security allows, among other things, to considerably reduce the risks of cyber attacks. This is achieved through measures taken by the employees themselves, by those responsible for the security of information systems and for physical security.

oodrive_sign : The electronic signature with legal value

Today, the electronic signature has become an essential part of dematerialization processes. The generalized teleworking has highlighted this tool and boosted its use to facilitate exchanges between the various stakeholders. It is a must have to take advantage of a 100% digitalized process.

Electronic signature

The electronic signature is progressively becoming an integral part of the landscape. Practical and efficient, it allows you to sign documents, respond to calls for tender, or validate payments. Surrounded by secure legal requirements (use of dedicated software, obtaining a certificate beforehand, etc.), the digital signature is also a formidable conversion lever for companies.

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