What are the benefits of a Digital Asset Management solution ?

What are the benefits of a Digital Asset Management solution ?

A Digital Asset Management solution allows you to optimise the use of digital assets.

Diversification of formats and media, changes in marketing methods, customers’ appetite for content… All these reasons are increasing the volume of digital resources that companies handle. While it is easy to manage a few dozen media, the problem is quite different when it comes to storing and exploiting several thousand or even tens of thousands of assets. This is where a Digital Asset Management solution comes into its own : by enabling organisations to streamline the management of their digital assets, a DAM tool helps to automate processes, enhance the value of assets and improve the effectiveness of actions taken by marketing teams. Here are the benefits of managing your digital assets.

A clear view of your assets with a digital asset management solution

Using a Digital Asset Management solution gives you a clear view of all your digital assets, at all stages of their lifecycle, and to meet all needs.

  • You know exactly where these media are stored – on a centralised platform (Brand Center, Media Center, etc.).
  • You can track the history of user activity and actions on media.
  • You reduce to zero the risk of data loss, duplication and proliferation of bad versions of your media (and therefore misuse).
  • Users and clients can easily access and use assets as long as they have the right authorisation, without having to worry about whether it’s the right format or version, or whether usage rights are up to date.

A must-have solution for handling large volumes of digital assets

For organisations that store and manage large volumes of assets, such as communications or advertising agencies, but also for corporate marketing departments, the implementation of a digital asset management solution is almost essential. Indeed, digital asset management is not only a matter of saving time and money : it is also the key to coherent communication that enhances and strengthens the brand image. Misuse of assets, for example due to expired copyrights or usage rights, can have reputational consequences for the company.

Photos, visuals, videos, textual content… A DAM solution can store all kinds of formats in large quantities. This allows you to look to the future with confidence, even if your volume of resources is set to double or triple in the coming years.

Perfectly administered access and use rights

When it comes to managing digital resources, this is one of the sinews of war : the administration of access and use rights. A user who modifies a document to which he or she was not supposed to have access, a tiny error relating to copyright, a customer who should not have seen a product sales brochure… This can cost your company dearly and have a lasting impact on its brand image.

Fortunately, a Digital Asset Management platform allows you to prevent these risks thanks to…

  • Advanced access management based on the rights of the users (because not everyone has the same role within a project). You determine in advance who can do what within your organisation, which greatly reduces risks.
  • Real-time visualisation of copyrights and conditions of use, with access to security levers (e.g. automatically hide visuals that are no longer allowed to be used, so as not to infringe copyright).

Less time wasted and more productivity

Resources that can’t be found, inappropriate formats, duplication, lack of communication between users, distribution of an outdated version of a digital asset… All of these situations waste valuable time for your teams and can impact your company’s reputation.

An effective Digital Asset Management solution can simplify and accelerate processes (searching, handling assets, sharing internally and externally), and thus increase overall team productivity: + 34% on average for organisations that have adopted a DAM solution, according to a 2016 SerdaLAB study.

Savings at all levels with a DAM tool

Streamlining digital asset management processes, allowing teams to save time by automating certain functionalities, is also a way to reduce your costs at all levels. This is one of the major advantages of a Digital Asset Management solution, and not the least.

You save on time spent on low-value tasks (taken care of by the DAM tool), on expenses incurred by errors (such as recreating an asset that already exists but cannot be found) and on legal costs incurred by the unwelcome exploitation of media whose use is governed by copyrights (because you cannot clearly see these rights).

Enhanced digital assets and brand image through a DAM solution

Digital asset management is about simplifying all media processes. Users can…

  • find the assets they are looking for in a few clicks,
  • share them easily with internal collaborators and external stakeholders,
  • edit their format,
  • distribute them across a wide range of media in an intuitive way – website, social media, landing pages, email, mobile app, etc.

Enhancing the value of media and optimising their distribution helps to improve the effectiveness of your marketing activities and to strengthen your brand image. In short, there is nothing like a Digital Asset Management solution tailored to your needs !

If your organisation handles a large amount of media and/or if you are particularly active on the digital front, you need to adopt a digital asset management approach… and implement a Digital Asset Management solution !

Share and collaborate work with any partner, while protecting media assets for your brand.

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