Cyberthreats: what trends can we expect for 2022?

Cybermenaces : quelles seront les tendances pour 2022

After a dismal 2021 performance as regards cyberthreats, 2022 now follows a similar trajectory with more regular attacks that are increasingly sophisticated, accurate and imaginative. This phenomenon was illustrated through the recent intrusion into Panasonic’s company servers[1], not forgetting the cyber attack on leading companies in France’s construction and public works industry[2]. Thanks to government […]

M&A: placing cybersecurity at the heart of due diligence

The acquisition of a company can provide a real boost to the development of another. As a result, the number of M&A continues to grow, with a record 62,193[1] in 2021 (45,000 in 2020). This impressive figure is sure to capture the attention of hackers against the backdrop of 2020 with a fourfold increase in […]

Digital sovereignty: a cornerstone issue at Oodrive

Digital sovereignty: a cornerstone issue at Oodrive

Current affairs is full of examples where governments are challenged to respond to virtual actions with real-life consequences. This is true of scenarios influencing freedom of expression on social networks during election time, as well as cyberattacks on large national corporations, bringing countries to a standstill. Against this backdrop, the French government organised a Digital […]

Digital workplace and digital transformation : what are the challenges for companies ?

digital workplace

Lockdown has led many companies to adapt their way of working, thus favouring the explosion of remote working. In this respect, a recent survey conducted by Odoxa, showed that, during the lockdown, 24% of French workers switched to teleworking. Since September, this figure has dropped to 14%. These percentages are partly explained by the digital […]

What is a secure digital workplace ?

digital workplace

If we try to define what a digital workplace is, we would summarize it as this : a digital platform where an employee can access all the information, resources, applications and people that enable him to carry out his professional projects. In short, it is a digital work environment. The security dimension of the digital […]